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From John Hamaty – 13/05/2012

Much has been happening and it’s way past time that the news be passed on.

I’m going AWOL on 14th May for a holiday overseas and will return at the end of July. I had wished to visit all branches before then but haven’t managed to get to our more northern ones. Please accept my regrets and be assured that you folk are far from forgotten.  In my absence, SQ Vice-President Barry Ryan (also President S. Tin Can Bay) will look after things at home. (phone 5486 4953, 0428 108 440).

SQ Committee meeting, April 11th.

We were pleased to be joined by Presidents Peter Board (SGC) Rick Carroll (S Bayside and Ron Walker (S Shorncliffe) for the meeting and it was great to have their contributions and input. The invitation is always there for any Sailability members to join us and a warm welcome is assured. The Minutes will be distributed elsewhere and will be on the SQ Website.  Some matters that invite comment are:

National Sailability Committee

This meets several times each year and is attended by a rep. from SQ. Minutes on SQ website.
Several items on the last agenda invite comment.

State Reports

Each state reports to the NSC on their activities and this includes data from the Statistical Return that SQ Secretary Peter Garden will be requesting from each Branch at the end of June. The data is needed so that Yachting Australia can justify the Govt. funding they receive for Sailability programmes. Some of that funding is now available for Qld. and has been earmarked to support the development of new branches in regional Qld.

Nationally accepted terminology

Attempts are being made to develop this. Not all the proposed terms will suit the SQ situation but the concept is good.“Sailors” to replace the term participants (clients in Qld)- a good idea. “Program” to replace the word Branch (or Club in Qld) not really suitable as it implies  SQ control and ignores autonomy of our Branches. Even Branch is not entirely satisfactory for the same reason and Club doesn’t quite fit the bill as it possibly distances us too much from our supporting yacht clubs. Perhaps we should have a state-wide competition to find a suitable term??

“inclusion”to replace integration- no problem with that.

“Sailing for people with a disability” to replace disabled sailing- generally in use in Qld.

Code of Conduct

SQ has adopted a Code of Conduct and recommends that Qld branches consider adopting a similar one unless they have already adopted one.  The Code appears on the SQ website.

SportsCover Insurance

As a result of tireless work by PP Bob Curtis, our Certificate of Currency came in (almost) on time and should have presented no difficulties in the field.

Sailing Pathway

One of the major emphases of the NSA, YA and YQ is to develop a “Pathway to Success” in sailing aimed at encouraging people ( especially the young) to sail competitively.  This filters down to Sailability as well and is an encouragement to us all to develop skills in our sailors as a means of improving their confidence and sense of self-worth.  Most of us are not geared for this kind of development but SQ would encourage all branches to adopt a “Sailing Pathway” that is currently under development by the SQ Committee in conjunction with NSC. The   Pathway provides a template for development of Sailor skills and, where possible, integration into yacht club racing. The adoption of the Pathway by your committee paves the way for its possible implementation if and when conditions suit but in no way obligates action.

Barry Ryan and his team at Tin Can Bay have developed a very good plan and a draft Pathway which provides a very simple  5 stage course with Recognition of Achievement Awards at the end of each stage.

SQ has adopted a generic version of this as a draft and is working at integrating this with the NSA plans. That draft can be found on the SQ website.

Branch Operations Manual

This manual has been a long time in coming and is not yet complete; indeed it will always be under development so, rather than delay it’s publication until it has reached some notional state of completion, I have placed it as a Draft on the SQ website. It contains a wealth of information for all Branches and I commend it to all Sailability members for study.

The Manual refers to much supporting information relating to volunteers, fund raising, training, equipment sourcing and maintenance and much more. This info appears on the website under “Documents” and will be added to as material is assembled. We hope to add links to each Branch’s Training and Procedures  regimes as they become available.

End June Statistical Return

Secretary Peter Garden will contact each branch close to the end of June requesting Branch statistics for the first 6 months of this year. As Peter will be away ‘till mid August, please email them to me as soon as completed.

Sailabilty Qld AGM and Presidents’ Special Meeting

The AGM date has been set and a meeting of all Qld. Branch Presidents in Brisbane has been planned to coincide with it, with all expenses to be met by SQ.   The dates are 28, 29, 30th of October, 2012 and it is hoped that all Presidents and one other from each Branch will be able to attend. Visits to local SEQ branches will be included.
Please reserve these dates in your calendar and plan to be there if at all possible.

Teardrop Banners

We have now purchased more of these and one is currently being shipped to each branch that has not already received one. We’re sure that they will be useful in your promotion of Sailability.

New Branch Development

Much work has been done in this area and particularly by Stan Phillips (SGC).

Ipswich:     Local Council, Rotary and many carer orgs. are very keen to see a branch in the area but we have, so far, failed to find the combination of a suitable location, the necessary basic infrastructure and a host organisation  that can make it happen.  Work is continuing and several other locations have yet to be inspected.

Toowoomba:     Darling Downs Sailing Squadron are supporting the concept and Stan Phillips is heading SQ’s efforts in that area.

Cairns:    Cairns Cruising Yacht Squadron have revived their interest and an approach has been made to Rotary for support for the Project. VP Barry Ryan is taking up the cudgel and hopes to make a visit to Cairns in the near future.

We now have a number of dinghies available and can confidently meet the needs of a couple of new branches- all we have to do is make it happen!!

SQ Website

Tony, our webmaster, has continued his work on the SQ website and has simplified club URL’s to improve their standing in the search engines. Eg, replaces and each club will have their own URL such as “” rather than:  I understand there is an annual charge for each URL and SQ will meet that cost.

Reorganisation of material on the website is continuing  and we plan to include separate lists of the training programs and procedures used by each Branch so that individual approaches to management can be distinguished.

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